What is 7s?

7s is a platform where you can earn crypto money with your opinion in form of votings. You can be part of the community against "fake news", a gambler who wants to win money or you can be a paid and trusted oracler for the insurances and industry. The votings of all kinds are saved on the open 7s blockchain. 7s brings swarm intelligence on the blockchain.

Why 7s?

7s gets users out of their social bubble and let them discuss and coordinate about all kind of informations Make public opinions and earn 7s Coins Oracle for e.g. insurances and industry Targeted surveys for companies Traffic generator More influence for influencers Transparency, tamper-proof and traceable thanks to blockchain technology

Do you have a Referral Program?

Become an Oracler now and be active on our voting platform. If you share/spread your votes and your friends respond to them, you will receive 7s rewards. The more 7s rewards you have, the cheaper you get the 7s tokens.

How do Payouts Work?

Right now we pay 7s to Oraclers on a monthly base, that voted best. So in January & February 2019 we payed 10.000 7s Tokens to the top 10 Oraclers.

Please register here: https://ico.7s.org/

Ok! 7s – What’s your long description?

SEVENS or 7s is a rating platform. It is a place for exchanging controversial opinions and rating the results using swarm intelligence. Users (ORACLERS) can use 7s to search for and rate current news items, videos, images or information. The ratings and the results of the votes are saved in the 7s blockchain. The rating results are provided as a percentage between 0 and 100%, with 0% always indicating that the information in question is negative, poor, false or fake. A result of 100% on the other hand indicates that the information is correct, good and has a positive significance. The rating percentage is generated using SEVENS or “7s” – our unit of currency. For example, you can allocate 50 SEVENS, or 7s50 to news item “A” in the form to indicate that you consider it to be 80% correct. 7s.org will ensure that the coins remain in constant use and circulation, thus keeping their value stable or bullish. This will be achieved by charging wallet fees (when a wallet remains inactive for longer than three months) and providing attractive opportunities for earning more 7s coins by taking part in votes. The creation and use of a marketing wallet (2.8.), which can only be used to pay out additional earnings to oraclers, can also be interpreted as a never-ending airdrop. Among other things, this will help to ensure the sustainability of the platform. Votes/opinion surveys on 7s.org are not only published through the most common news feeds; instead, they can also be commissioned for a sum paid in 7s. 10% of the coins from this commission are then transferred to the marketing wallet, while the rest will be used to pay out the earnings for the vote. The amount of 7s used will determine how prominently and dominantly a vote is displayed in the individual categories. This provides businesses with a powerful marketing platform with direct oracler feedback. In essence, 7s blends together aspects of Facebook, Google and Bitcoin – but with the advantage that it promotes discussion and rewards users for giving their own opinions and using their initiative.
Please check our Whitepaper for more information. https://ico.7s.org/common/pdf/7s_Whitepaper_en.pdf